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Bond Cleaning

  1. Are internal and external windows included in a standard bond clean?

No, not in the standard bond clean, but we can definitely help you for a small additional fee, for a full list of what is incuded in a standard bond clean please see our Bond Cleaning page

  1. Do you clean blinds?

For an additional fee blinds can be cleaned plese contact us on 0450 182 022

  1. Do I need to have the property totally vacated?

For our work to be guaranteed we reqire the property to be completly free of furniture so we can make sure  we clean all surfaces to the standard expected.

  1. Do we need to be present at the rental property?

No,  we can arrange key collection or gain access from the estate agent.

  1. How long is the the work guaranteed?

We guarantee our cleaning work for 3 days from completion- please understand that  dust may settle on surfaces after the end of lease clean and we cannot help that, also we would please ask that no other contractor or work be undertaken or person enter the house/unit after we complete our clean as we can not be responcible for any mess they may leave, if this happens our guarantee is voided.

Carpet Cleaning

  1. What is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam Carpet Cleaning is also known as hot water extraction is the method most commonly recommended by carpet manufacturers, it includes a three step process.

1.   Pre spray conditioner
2.  Steam carpet cleaning
3.  Extraction

  1. How often should I clean my carpets?

Every 6 months recommended, but high traffic or carpets used by pets or for people with allergies or repirtory problems should be more often.

  1. Do I need to remove furniture?

Small items can be moved by us but larger items eg beds/cabinets will be cleaned around as well as possible.

  1. How long after carpet cleaning can I use my room?

Depends on conditions and ventalation of room, we recommend not to use the room until touch dry usually 5-6 hours, full dry may take up to 24 hours.

  1. Do you clean stairs?

Yes, for an addional fee of $2.50 a step.


  1. Do you take garden waste away?

Yes we take all grass clipping away as part of our service, additional waste can be removed for a fee please ask us.

  1. Do I need to move garden items/furniture etc?

Please remove all small items such as toys, rubbish and pet waste, larger items will be moved if possible.

  1. Why does long grass incure extra fee?

 To get the best results and look for your garden we may have to go over long grass several times and remove extra grass clippings to ensure our costs are covered we charge extra for long grass.


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